To show off our work we have started doing brief videos of our projects.  Here you will find completed systems,  some being completely custom and some being our basic packages to show off room design and system installation.   Some of these were shot using facebook live so please excuse the quality on a few of them.  Going forward everything will be shot in 4k.

Here is a Prewire for a large scale smart home system in Midland Tx. It is wired for Control4 Home Automation, Video Distribution, House Audio, Cameras, and Security.

This is a project we completed in Southlake Texas. It was Wired for Home Automation, House Audio, Video Distribution, Cameras, Security, and much more.

Southlake Home Automation Prewire from Justin Dohman on Vimeo.


This is one of Home Automation Prewires for a large scale system that we will be working on in the near future.


Here is the after system for the system listed above. It features a Control4 Home Automation system that takes a entire homes technology and makes it where anyone can use it. Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use a system that is fully integrated.


This is one of our Equipment racks holding all the gear necessary to automation a home. Every wire it double labeled, Wire Combed, and professionally managed to make sure the back end of your system performs as good as the front end.


This is another Prewire Project that will be outfitted with Control4 Home Automation.


A Prewire project in Preston Hollow. A full rennovation that we wired for Home Automation, Whole House Audio, Video Distribution, Wireless Access Points, Home Theater, and Security


This is a Prewire project in Richardson TX that will soon be outfitted with Control4


Here is one of our Automation systems that we prewired,  installed and programmed in downtown dallas at the Museum tower.  The system integrates Shades,  Lighting, HVAC,  Security, Whole House Audio,  Video Distribution and much more.


This project won the Electronic House Home of the Year award in 2014. It was outfitted with Control4, Lighting, HVAC, Home Theater, Whole House Audio, Multiple Surround Sounds, and Distributed Video.


These are a few of our standard Home Automation Systems featuring Control4


This is a room that we took from attic studs to a fully custom Home Theater.

home theater mckinney




This is another one of our media rooms that went from studs to finished project.

Home Theater


This is a basic Home Theater system that features a 75" Sony 4k TV and a Episode 7.1 Surround Sound


This is one of our Custom Rooms that was built in Southlake Texas,  It features Control4,  JVC,  and Episode Speakers.


If you are looking to outfit your room but not looking to break the bank we have several packages that are high performance and budget friendly.  Below is a all in wall media room using a Sony projector.

Here is one of our most popular media rooms.  It features products from Episode,  Pioneer Elite,  and Epson.  Using a Acoustically transparent screen we can place the front speakers behind it and create a perfect sound stage.


Are Arcadian package is a Customer favorite for its entry level price and performance.    Here you can see a final installation of this package with the upgraded Epson 3700 Projector.


This was a full home retrofit. Out with the 1980s and redone in a rustic feel. We outfitted this home with Control4, 16 Cameras, HVAC, Lighting, Surround Sound, Whole House Audio, and a HUGE 110inch living room screen.


We do full home prewires as well. This is one of the Custom Homes that we prewired and will outfit with Control4.


A very cool home we did in Dallas. One of our favorite parts of the system was the front gate, water fall and outdoor lighting.


This is a very nice 5.1 System we did with a JVC Projector, Episode 900 Series speakers, and Control4


A Home Entertainment Room with a 5.1.2 System featuring a Sony Projector, SI Black Diamond, and Episode 700 Speakers