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Home Theater Projectors and Screens

When it comes time to outfit that Home Theater Room of yours the first thing you will be wanting is a large screen and a projector.  To most people the Projector is the main part of the system that gives the room the Movie Theater feel.  There is nothing like watching your favorite football team or watching a movie with the family on a projection screen.

The number one question we are asked is,  “How do I choose a screen size?”  Most typically follow that up by saying “I do not want something to big”.  The problem with choosing a screen size is that there is no industry standard, meaning there is no right answer or wrong answer.  The size of the screen has to do with what kind of projector is chosen and how far back it is mounted.  The rest is up to the personal preference of the consumer.  Next time you go to the movie theater, you will notice people choosing different seats all over the theater, indicating people like different things.

Sony 4k Projector

Sony 4k Projector

Elite A/V feels that screen should not dwarf the room.  We have installed screens from 80 inches (medium sized living room) up to 200 inches (University Theater).  In a average room a 120″ screen is about the average.  Anything larger typically takes over and does not give much room for audio or cabinets.   If you want to do your own experiment we recommend trying this.

One practical exercise is to mark out on your wall the size screen you think you might want.  You can use blue painters tape to define the corners of your future screen. Place your seating at the distance you prefer, sit down, and look at the marked out screen area for a while. Imagine action happening in the screen space and get a sense of how much work your eyes need to do to view the image. Work with the image size and viewing distance until you feel it is a comfortable solution for you and anyone else in your household who might be a regular viewer.

Before you go to big, another thing you will want to take into consideration is digital artifacts.  The larger the screen is the more visible pixilization is going to become.  If you plan on only sitting at the very back of your theater this may not be a issue.  But if you have 2 or 3 rows of seating, with the front row being less than 8 feet from the screen, you may want to stay away from larger screen sizes like 140″.

There are also different types of screens.  While the most used is the traditional Black frame and White material,  there is now acoustic screens and back lit screens.  Acoustic screens look just like the traditional screens but they use a woven mesh material to all the speakers to be behind the screen.

home theater projector mckinneyThis allows for perfect speaker placement and gives the room a very clean look.   Backlit screens from a company called Screen innovations are a special type of screen,  They are a zero edge technology that makes your room look like it has a giant Plasma TV when it is on.  They produce a better picture when the lights are on and you can put LED lighting behind them for your own custom appearance.

At the end of the day we can accommodate any projector and screen size to your tastes.  We can custom install projectors on basic mounts giving you the best possible picture and even hide them into custom created cabinets that are designed to hold projectors.  With the many options on the market this can all be confusing.  Do not let it get the best of you,  before you get frustrated simply call us and let us know what image quality you are looking for and the budget you have in mind.  From here with a little more information we can tell you what we would personally do if it was our room.