Home Theater Control


How many times have you went into your own or friends home theater room only to find 4-6 remotes scatted between tables and chairs.  The frustration of find the correct remote to turn on the projector,  turning the projector to the correct input.  Turning on the receiver and turning it to the correct input.  Then having to find the DVD remote to turn on the Blu Ray player and having to hit play.  Now you still have to get back up to turn off the lights.  To some people this may not be a hassle.  But at Elite AV we like to take the frustration out of watching a movie so you can enjoy your personal or family time.home theater remote

Imagine this,  you walk into your Home Theater.  You pick up your New Custom Remote and simply hit DVD.  This one remote just turned on all the necessary equipment.  After that it switched everything to the correct input.  Now you are ready to relax and watch the movie.  But wait,  now you have to get up and turn off the lights.  Actually no you don’t,  we have that taken care of as well.  Simply press the Lights up and Lights down to control your lighting.  Sounds like a Dream doesn't it,  actually its not.  We can add a custom remote to any Home Theater system to really make your life easier.

Entertainment is all about fun and relaxation. Making the home theater easy to use is an important part of the experience.

Remotes can range from hand held devices to full color wireless touch panels. A single remote will enable you to do everything you need to do. Pressing ‘DVD’ will turn on the display, cinema receiver and DVD player. Pressing ‘Play’ will start the DVD and will dim the lights

We have our own team of programmers for all the control devices we support. Over the course of many different projects we have built up considerable experience in what works and what is really easy to use.

We recommend control systems from Control4 and Universal Remote.

Take a look at examples of our projects on the home theater portfolio page.

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